Significant Workers' Comp Cases

Joel de La Cerda v. Martin Selko & Co. (ADJ2970937) (WCAB Van Nuys District Office):
The WCAB overturned the Workers' Compensastion Judge, indicating that he should not have discounted the internal AME's medical opinion whereby the doctor found that addition of the applicant's P.D. was preferred over use of the combined values chart.

Williams v. County of Los Angeles (ADJ7388209) (WCAB Van Nuys District Office):
The WCAB upheld a finding by the WCJ of entitlement to 24/7 home health care. The defendant had been authorizing 8 hours of home care 5 days per week through an agency for some time.

Hikida vs. WCAB (Costco Wholesale Corp.) (B279412):
The applicant had developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) as a result of failed surgery, which was authorized by her employer, Costco, to treat the industrial carpal tunnel injury to her hands.

Lopez vs. General Wax (ADJ9365173) (WCAB Van Nuys District Office):
While working as a candle maker for the employer, the applicant got her right index finger stuck in the machine, resulting in a partial amputation of the finger.