Who Will Help You Through the Stormy Waters?

A work injury is not something you should take care of by yourself. First, you need to report the injury to your boss or supervisor, but not for their sympathy or best wishes, but so they can, in turn, report your work injury to their workers compensation carrier in order to provide the requisite medical care and treatment to cure or relieve the effects of your injury. Second, if your boss and supervisors ignore your injury or the insurance carrier ignores or refuses medical care or treatment, then you probably need an attorney. Don't go it alone. A qualified attorney can file the requisite papers and petitions with the Worker's Compensation Appeals Board so that you can obtain the benefits you deserve and to which you are legally entitled. You never have to pay a workers' compensation attorney directly out of your pocket either. In fact, his or her fees are paid directly by the employer, if self-insured or uninsured, or the insurance carrier. You have more rights and benefits than you probably know. A lawyer will explain those rights to you and help you to obtain the benefits due throughout the course of your case, no matter how stormy the seas or choppy the waves. Work comp attorneys work for you! Don't go it alone.